Smt. S.D. Mehta Mahila B.Ed. College
Dhrol - Jamnagar
    Course Details

B.Ed. Course
  Paper - I Development of Learner and Teaching Learning Process
  Paper - II Expanding Horizons of Education
  Paper – III Education in Developing Indian Society
  Paper – IV School Administration and management
  Paper – V Computer Education

Methods & Contents     

According to their Graduation, the trainees can select any two of the following subjects for methods and contents:

Gujarati Hindi English Science Sanskrit
Mathematics History Geography Accountancy Business Administration

Elective Papers

  • Career Guidance
  • Environmental Education
  • Educational statistics & Measurement

Practical Work Lessons

  • Micro Lessons
  • Bridge Lessons
  • Stray Lessons
  • Unit Lessons
  • Practice Lessons

Research Work

  • Action Research

Project Work

  • Psychological Test
  • Construction of Teaching Aid

Activity Based work

  • Internship Programme
  • Off-campus