Shri M.D. Mehta Education Trust
Dhrol - Jamnagar
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  Shri M. D. Mehta District Science Centre
Foundation : 1985
Yearly Beneficiaries : More than 60,000 (students - teachers - woman - others)
Work area:
1. To develop scientific attitude and awareness in rural-area
2. Explanation of utilize science in the daily life, To develop the scientific attitude in students.
3. To utilize natural energy and solar energy, to preserve the environment.
4. Simple and easily available science teaching in the classrooms
5. To develop Scientific Environment in house & classroom, Awareness against superstitions
6. Food adulteration for rural woman, More Crop per Drop concept for farmers.
7. “Know Yourself” (Adult Education) for village students
8. Publication & circulation of popular Bi-monthly “JAI VIGYAN” to more than 5000 people.
9. Child Scientist Course to develop the interest in science
10. Vacation courses ‘Fun with Science’